Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Musicals

Ruston Community Theatre

Audition Dates:

SATURDAY DECEMBER 16, 2017 AT 10:00 AM  and MONDAY DECEMBER 18, 2017 AT 6:00 PM  At The Dixie Center for the Arts.

The Story:

Harry's back! That's right, Harry Monday, that Sam Spade wannabe in the trench coat and gumshoes, is hot and on his latest case. Does he know what he's doing? Who knows? Is he over his head? Of course. Especially when he finds three characters murdered at the Restful Glen Psychiatric Annex. Only after he arrives does he find out that all the inmates have multiple personalities. Who killed Jeffrey Stadtlander?  This wise-cracking whodunit will have you guessing until the final red herring-or perhaps Harry's goose-is cooked. 

​Characters: 5 Men 5 Women
Harry Monday - An overweight gumshoe, a throwback to the Raymond Chandler,
Sam Spade characters of the 1940s.
Dr. June Heidleburg - A psychiatrist and mother confessor, around 40.
Officer Brogan - A typical police investigator, a bit fed up with everything.
Clarence Vespers - A slightly pompous ex-congressman, around 50.
Kathren Hallifax - Usually a librarian type, sometimes quite  flirt, around 30.
Polly Boone - A young, seemingly innocent women, late 20s.
Cynthia - A rather smug 30-year old who alternately lies and tells the whole truth.
Sigmund Spence - A lawyer with many secrets, 40s.
Diane D. Tyler - A slightly bumbling IRS worker.
Jeffery Stadtlander - A brief character, lat 40s. (Part is doublecast with SPENCE)

Ruston Community Theatre  Audition Dates