Anne of Green Gables

Director Thank You’s

I would like to thank RCT for believing in me and allowing me to direct this great show. Thank you to the Children’s Shoppe for sponsoring this show. I want to especially thank Mark Graham for building my set and some of the pieces on it, Grisham Locke for Designing the set, Tom & Beth Beach for their help in also building set pieces, Karen Pittman for making our cast look fabulous, (Love you doll)!!!!, publicity team for helping get the show out in the public, Stephen Vessel and Beth Heidenreich for stepping up and running rehearsals when I had to be out a few days, and I especially want to thank the cast and crew for all their hard work and putting everything into this show. I hope you enjoy this show!!!! 

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Laina Parkman, Anne Shirley

Laina is thrilled to be in RCT's Anne of Green Gables. This is her seventh production with RCT, her favorite of which was Gretl in Sound of Music and ensemble in Mary Poppins. Laina is 17 and enjoys dancing on RHS's dance line and singing. She would like to thank all of her family and friends for helping her get where she is today! She hopes you enjoy the show! 


Carrick Inabnett, Mr. Spencer

Carrick is a 2022 Cum Laude graduate of Louisiana Tech University. He works for General Dynamics and is a freelance voice actor. His involvement with RCT includes Elf the Musical as Chadwick, The Play That Goes Wrong as Chris Bean, and 12 Angry Jurors as Juror 8. With the latter, he was one of the nominees for best lead performer in a play. This will be his 4th production.


MacKenzie Davidson, Mrs. Blewitt

MacKenzie Davidson, who plays the role of Mrs. Blewitt,  is a 4th grade teacher at Ruston Elementary. She is a graduate of Mississippi State University, where she received a Bachelor's of Arts in Music Education, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where she earned a Master's in Piano Pedagogy. This is her first appearance with Ruston Community Theatre. 


Audrey Anna Brown, Diana Barry

Audrey Anna Brown is excited to be performing in her 16th RCT show, alongside her mom, playing Rachel Lynde. Anne of Green Gables is one of her favorite movies!

Some of her favorite rolls were ZuZu, in It’s a Wonderful Life,  Amaryllis in The Music Man, Susan, in Miracle on 34th St. in which she received a RusTony award, and she loved being a Chimney Sweep in Mary Poppins.

She is an 8th grade student at DWCS and her favorite class is talented art.


Melanie Lawrence, Mrs. Barry

This is Melanie's sixth RCT production, but she has been active in the theatre world since 2012. From acting to directing, costuming, and designing sets, Melanie loves the way theatre brings together all talents and types of people. Melanie is also the head of the history and drama departments at Mt. Olive Christian School in Athens, LA. 


John Davis Vessel, Mr. Phillips

John Davis can't wait to be back on stage after over a year of being off of it! He is currently a LATech student pursuing an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and very involved in his college ministry's student leadership team. JD hopes you enjoy the show!


Victoria Axton, Miss Stacy

Victoria Axton makes her debut on the RCT stage as Miss Stacy in Anne of Green Gables. She has written and performed in plays at her church and performed in school plays as a teen. Anne was a favorite of her grandmother, so she had to audition!

Victoria is a former teacher and current business owner with her husband, Justin. She has two sons: Lincoln and Judah.


Avery Madden, Ruby Gillis

Avery is ecstatic to be a part of the Anne of Green Gables show at RCT. She's loved the Anne books and movies since she was young and is exited for you to see the show. Avery enjoys reading, painting, baking, writing, hanging out with friends, and being a part of the Ruston High School Media Team. This is Avery's third production with RCT and she hopes you love the show!


Anabelle Holloway, Josie Pye

Anabelle Holloway is an American actress from Farmerville, LA. She started print/commercial work at age six & has booked numerous tv & film productions, including the role of Gracie on The Walking Dead. Anabelle is a powerhouse young actress that loves diving deep into complex characters & enjoys comedy & drama. Outside of acting she sings & plays piano & loves theater. 


Sawyer Cunningham, Moody McPherson

Sawyer has been on stage with RCT in some capacity since 2018.  He has enjoyed playing roles such as Tommy Banks in Father of the Bride and TweedleDum in Alice in Wonderland.  He is excited to join the cast of "Anne" and bring this play to the community. 


Alex Copes, Charlie Sloane

Alex Copes is a senior in high school, and aspires for a career in either animation or as a full-time author. After his RCT debut as an ensemble member in ELF, he worked spotlights for a number of shows, including Alice in Wonderlend, The Play That Goes Wrong and Cinderella. Alex is overjoyed to finally return to the stage!


Grisham Locke, Gilbert Blythe/Scenic Designer

Grisham Locke is a senior at Ruston High School, and plans to study Musical Theatre at Texas State next fall. Previous roles include Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief at LATech Theatre, Dennis Sanders in Smoke on the Mountain with RCT, and more. Go Cats!


Sandee Sledge, Marilla Cuthbert

Sandee is very excited to have this role in a favorite story from her childhood. She has been involved in 10 productions with RCT in various roles on and off stage, most recently as The Bird Woman in Mary Poppins. She thanks her husband, Jimmy, and son, JJ, for their support and encouragement. She is grateful to do something she loves with people she loves doing it with.


Stephen Vessel, Mathew Cuthbert

Stephen is thrilled to be back on stage for another RCT production. He was last seen in Mary Poppins as the Park Keeper and in Clue as Professor Plum. He would like to thank his family and friends for their support. Enjoy the show!


Anna Brown, Rachel Lynde

This is Anna's 11th RCT production. Her daughter, Audrey Anna, is playing the roll of Diana. She is a teacher and married to Josh and has two other children, Ayden and Anderson. Anna has always loved Anna Green Gable's and is thrilled to be playing one of her favorite characters. Some of her favorite past roles were Mrs. Brill in Mary Poppins, Marion in The Music Man.


Henry Poland, Station Master

Henry Poland is making his debut on the RCT stage. 

He is a Christian and a retired Occupational Therapy Assistant. His hobbies include gardening and fishing. He is also a handyman with skills in plumbing, carpentry and electrical. 


Madison Cunningham, Ensemble/Josie Pye Under Study

Madison has been a part of RCT since 2018 and has served in numerous capacities both on stage and off stage; working with costuming, props, and set pieces.  While on stage, she has played a plethora of roles, the most recent of which was The Pied Piper in the summer musical Shrek: The Musical.  


Alexis Phillips, Extra/Ensemble

Alexis is 13 years old and an eighth grader at Ruston Junior High. This is her third production with RCT. Previous roles include Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, Ensemble and Dragon puppeteer in Shrek Jr. She thanks her family and friends for supporting her love for RCT. 


Molly Foy, Extra /Ensemble

Molly Foy is a 7th Grade Homeschooler who enjoys Reading, Music, Broadway, Cosplay, and Church Choir. Her previous roles include Ensemble and Dragon Puppeteer in Shrek Jr. The Musical. She plans on attending the Drama Club for Ruston Community Theater this year. If she isn't on stage you will find her playing video games with friends or with her head in a book. 


Lily Davidson, Extra

Lily Davidson is a homeschooled 8th grader. She enjoys dancing, art, and reading. Before moving to Ruston, she lived in Salerno, Italy with her family. Anne of Green Gables is her first show. 


Ben Smith, Extra

Ben, who is fourteen, loves to listen to classic rock and is also fond of his dog and siblings. (sometimes.) He likes fencing, theatre, and writing and thinks that long speeches should be considered war crimes (he would know; he has committed many himself.) He is also very good-looking, and you should definitely point that out if you cross him in the hall.



Mary Watkins, Director

Mary is very active in Ruston Community Theater and is currently serving as Treasurer on RCT Board of Directors. She has also directed several shows with RCT such as Clue, Father of the Bride, and her most recent The Play That Goes Wrong!  Mary was excited to win a Rustony for Best Director and Best Show for the Play That Goes Wrong.

Mary is from New Orleans but has lived in Jonesboro for the last 29 years. She is married to Glen and has two adult children and two precious grandbabies.

Mary has enjoyed working with this awesome cast and crew, she hopes everyone enjoys the show as much as they have enjoyed presenting it to you!!!


Monika Locke, Stage Manager

Monika Locke has been a local educator for 22 years. She has been a stage manager for Ruston Community Theatre for 7 years. Past credits include Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Elf, and Mary Poppins. 


Beth Heidenreich, Assistant Stage Manager

This is Beth’s first RCT production, and her first as assistant stage manager. Before arriving in Ruston three years ago with her husband Chris, Beth directed and produced various plays and musicals for high school and church in both Ohio and Michigan. She is excited to be a part of the RCT family.


Siri Kilpatrick, Assistant Stage Manager

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