Alice in Wonderland

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Friday, February 24 and Sunday, February 26

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Avery Cox, Small Alice

Avery is 12 years old and enjoys practicing piano, playing soccer, and being a part of Ruston Community Theatre. Avery’s first RCT performance was as a choir member in A Christmas Carol, and she also appeared as a little kid in RCT’s production of Matilda Jr. Meeting new people and learning from watching the other actors are Avery’s favorite parts of being in a RCT show.


Isabelle St. Amant, Alice

This is Isabelle's third show with RCT. As a lifelong Alice in Wonderland fan, she couldn't be more thrilled and honored to play such an incredible role in this marvelous production. In addition to theatre, she enjoys books, singing, the company of her pet cats, and wishing she knew how to actually play croquet.


Maria Williamson, The Cheshire Cat

Maria Williamson has previously been in multiple school productions such as: A Play About a Dragon, and The Red Velvet Cake War. This is her first show with RCT. Dramatic Theatre is her favorite art, and she hopes someday to make it a carreer.


Lucy Cross, The White Rabbit

Lucy Cros is thirteen years old and is homeschooled. This is her first production with Ruston Community Theatre, however, she has previously acted in several Shakesperean plays, the most recent being a production of Hamlet at the Strauss Theatre. She has enjoyed several shows at the Dixie with her wonderful cousins Avery and William Cox.


Kaejha Stewart, Mad Hatter

Kaejha Stewart has been a part of the theatre family for 3 years. She is sweet, funny, and quirky. She always likes to make friends, and is social with every person she meets . She is very excited about this show, and hopes that you will come see it. "A land was full of wonder, mystery, and danger. Some say, to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter.“


Abigail Ligon, March Hare

Abigail is a 7th-grader at A.E.Phillips. She loves how she can act her own "crazy self" in the play, as a character who is one of her favorites.


Scout Luse, Dormouse

Scout a 6th grader at Choudrant Elementary and this is her 3rd production with RCT. She is so excited for the show, and hopes everyone enjoys it!


Alexis Phillips, Caterpillar

Alexis is 12 years old and a 7th-grader at Ruston Junior High. She loves to play the piano, go to Drama Club each week, and hang out with her friends. This is her first production to be a part of, and she's super-excited about this show and future opportunities. She would like to thank her parents, brother, family, friends, and church members for all of their support.


Libby Blake, Tweedledee

Libby Blake is 15 years old and attends Ruston High School and this is her third production with RCT. One of her most favorite things to do is be in the theatre learning and acting and she states with each role she is learning more and more.


Sydney Moss, Tweedle Dum

Sydney Moss is 16 years old and in the tenth grade! She loves being a part of these productions because you get to meet so many new people and make so many long lasting friends. She recommends everyone give it a shot to see how much fun it is!


Jude Hanchey, Frog Footman

Jude is a student at AE Phillips and is a member of the choir, cross country team, and excited for his role as Lumiere in their upcoming 8th grade play- Beauty and the Beast. He starred in RCT's productions of Matilda, Jr and Mary Poppins and worked backstage for Elf the Musical. Fun fact: Jude has a cat named Dinah (named after Alice's cat!)


Elizabeth Beasley, The Duchess

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Beasley is the is the daughter of Kevin & Amy. She is an 18-year-old high school senior who enjoys the arts and being involved with The Bridge Community Church. She has participated in many RCT productions since 2013 including The King & I, Junie B. Jones, Jr., Hello Dolly, Seussical, Jr. & All Together Now.


Courtney Wilson, The Cook

Courtney is a teenager at Ruston High School, who plays the cook in this performance. She participates in the Ruston High School Band and Choir, and swam competitively on the swim team for 3 years. She loves Ruston Community theatre and greatly hopes you're all peppered up for this wonderful show! Achoo!


Carson Walker, Humpty Dumpty

Carson Walker is in the 5th grade and can’t wait for you to see Humpty Dumpty on stage!. Alice in Wonderland will be his second show with RCT and he can't wait to be in it with both of his siblings One of his favorite things to do is make people laugh and he hopes this show will do just that!


Caed Baines, The Mock Turtle

Caed Baines is a 13-year-old homeschooler who loves performing and making movies. Recent notable roles include 12-year-old Scrooge (A Christmas Carol) and Bruce (Matilda, Jr). He can’t wait to spend time backstage with his friends and family.


Wyatt Terry, King of Hearts

Wyatt Terry is in 8th at RJHS and has been in several RCT productions. Some of his favorite shows to perform in were Matilda, Jr, The Wizard of Oz, and The Christmas Carol. As fun as performing on stage is, he also thoroughly enjoys his time backstage or at rehearsals, and considers RCT to be an extension of his family.


Brielle Smart, Small Queen of Hearts

Brielle is a 5th grader at AEP! This is her second show with Ruston Community Theatre. She is super-excited to be a part of this amazing cast! Hope to see you there!


Jari Richardson, Queen of Hearts

Jari Richardson is a 7th grader at New Living Word School. She enjoys participating in the RCT weekly Drama Club. Jari previously was cast as a Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz. Jari would like to thank her mom, Dr. Kia Baldwin Richardson, for always supporting her in her extracurricular activities.


William Cox, Gryphon

William Cox is 14 years old and enjoys playing guitar, reading, and being with his friends. He is homeschooled with Classical Conversations of Ruston and is in the 9th grade. He enjoys being a part of the RCT community because the people are so much fun!


Jordan Richardson, The Knave

Jordan is a 4th grader at New Living Word School. He enjoys creating new animation content for his YouTube channel. This is his very first play and he is excited to try something new with his big sister Jari who is playing the Queen of Hearts.


Landon Walker, Courtier

Landon Walker is in the 7th grade and= thrilled to get to play the part of the Courtier! This will be his 5th show with RCT. While he loves just about everything related to theatre, his absolute favorite part is the friendships he's made through RCT. Alice in Wonderland is sure to be a great show, and he hopes you enjoy it!


Gage Doucet, Executioner

Gage has been in several RCT productions since 2017 including The Wizard of Oz, Matilda, Jr, and Elf:The Musical. He is excited about being in Alice and getting to share the stage with both casts. Gage is in 10th grade, plays percussion and is a broadcaster and board operator on 101.3 KBNF Bearcat Radio for Ruston High. Enjoy the show!


FLOWER GIRLS, (ensemble)

Back: Cami de la Perrelle, Ava Good, Kinley Walker, Audrey Anna Brown, Avery Madden

Front: Harper Pilgreen, Olivia Good, Abigail Graham, Charlotte Hanchey, Savannah Scallan, Anniston Walker, Dove Kilpatrick. 

Ava Good, Flower Girl

Ava is a 6th grader at A.E. Phillips. This will be her 3rd show with RCT, having previously been cast in Matilda Jr and Frozen Jr. When she’s not “acting up” in drama club, you can usually find her creating art, dancing, or playing piano.

Olivia Good, Flower Girl

Olivia is excited to recite her very first lines in a RCT production. She previously performed in the ensemble for Matilda Jr and Frozen Jr. Olivia’s biggest passion is performing, either as an actress or dancer. When she’s not performing on the stage, she enjoys performing on the softball field.

Avery Madden, Flower Girl

Avery is a freshman at Ruston High School, and enjoys going live on her school radio station daily. This is her second RCT show (the first being Matilda Jr), and she's very exited for it. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Harper Pilgreen, Flower Girl

Harper is a 4th grader Ruston Elementary and attends The Bridge Community Church. When not playing with friends and cousins or at school, she can usually be found reading a book or listening to music.

Anniston Walker, Flower Girl

This will be Anniston's 3rd show with RCT and she is playing a Flower Girl. She is 9 years old, in the 4th grade. The best part about being in this show is sharing the stage with my 2 big brothers and all my theatre friends. You are in for a great show!

Kinley Walker, Flower Girl

Kinley is an eighth grade student at Quitman High School. Some of her favorite activities include tennis, track, soccer, listening to music, and spending time with her church youth group. She and her older brother enjoy watching throwback tv shows together. Kinley loves to travel and is almost halfway to her goal of visiting all 50 states.

HEART CHILDREN, (ensemble)

Kerigan Smith, Hailey Roberts, Jace Baines (Front), Chelsea DeForest (back), Jesse Roberts, Aimée Graham

Jace Baines, Heart Child

Jace is following in the footsteps of his older siblings and is excited to have his debut on the Dixie stage! He has participated in the Act Up Theatre Camp and after school drama club to prepare for this new adventure. At home, he enjoys building with legos and crafting with any spare paper or cardboard he can find!

Chelsea DeForist, Heart Child

Chelsea DeForest attends AE Phillips and is in the 6th grade. She has been in the productions of Matilda, Jr. and Frozen, Jr. and hopes to continue her time on stage in future shows. She has two older brothers and is the daughter of Neal and Dawn.

Aimée Graham, Heart Child

Aimee watched her sister Abigail involvment in theatre and was inspired to try it out. She did a theatre camp and loved it also!

Hailey Roberts, Heart Child

Hailey is super-excited to be a part of Alice in Wonderland! She is a homeschooled 6th grader. This is her second show with RCT. She has loved doing this show with her sister Jessie and her friends. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Jessie Roberts, Heart Child

Jessie is thrilled to be a part of Alice in Wonderland! She is a homeschooled 4th grader. This is her second show with RCT. She has loved doing this show with her sister Hailey and her friends. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Karigan Smith, Heart Child

Karigan Smith is 8 years old and a proud cougar at Cedar Creek. A lot like Alice, you will find her lost on an adventure or outdoors in nature probably with a book in her hand. This is her first of many experience with RCT and is excited to be a part of the cast. She would like to thank Mrs. Hill and RTC for supporting, encouraging and coaching her onto the big stage.

GARDENERS , (ensemble)

Ella Ward, James Smith, Olivia Smith

James Smith, Gardener

James is very excited to be a part of Alice. This will be his first performance with RCT. He enjoys legos, video games, math, and building things.

Olivia Smith, Gardener

This Olivia’s second production to be apart of with Ruston Community Theatre. She’s in 6th grade, and is homeschooled with her 3 neanderthal brothers.

Ella Ward, Gardener

Ella Ward is in the eighth grade and has six siblings. She is homeschooled and attends SEEKERS co-op every Tuesday morning. She hopes you enjoy the show!


Top: Madison Cunningham, Adreinne Scallan, Addelyn Forbes

Bottom Left: Eden Dawsey,  Botton Right: Ava Richmond

Madison Cunningham, Lady

Madison is a 16 year old homeschooler. This is her 10th production with RCT. She loves theatre, dance, and Tom Holland, of course.

Eden Dawsey, Lady

Eden Dawsey is a 7th grader at A.E. Phillip’s and I loves to sing and act. She is a member of the choir at AEP. She was in the drama club at my old school, Cedar Creek, and has been in many plays there. Her favorite part of the show is when Alice meets the singing flowers and the Cheshire Cat. She would like to give a special thanks to her parents for letting her pursue her dreams in drama.

Addelyn Forbes, Lady

Addelyn Forbes is an 8th grader who is homeschooled. She has a maltipoo named Pepper and loves playing catch and taking him on walks. She also likes to bake cookies or brownies and always shares with her two brothers and sister! This is Addelyn’s first show and she is thrilled to be here!

Ava Leigh, Lady

Ava Leigh is a Sophomore at Ruston High School. Her last role was as a lead detective in Miss Nelson is Missing, at Cedar Creek School.

Adrienne Scallan, Lady

Adrienne is a homeschooled 9th-grader and this is her 3rd RCT show. Her favorite part is starting to do the show and then seeing everyone's hard work pay off in the end.

SOLIDIERS , (ensemble)

Drew Cantrell, James Patrick, Luke Forbes

Drew Cantrell, Soldier

Drew Cantrell is a 10-year-old 5th-grader performing in his second Ruston Community Theatre production. He enjoys theatre, playing baseball, and working with his livestock.

Luke Forbes, Soldier

Luke Forbes is a homeschooled 5th grader who loves to watch movies and play games with his family. He has two sisters and one brother. Luke also has two dogs and a fish named Oreo. He enjoys drawing, reading, and anything fun! He’d like to thank his parents for all their support. Luke is so excited for his debut on stage, and he hopes you enjoy the show!

James Patrick, Soldier

James Patrick is a 5th grader who has recently expressed interest in acting. He is a member of his school's choir and recently joined the drama club. James also plays soccer with RPAR. He can't wait to be a part of the show!

Mabry Doucet, Dream Team - Puppeteer

Mabry Doucet is in 8th grade at Ruston Jr. High and has been a part of Ruston Community Theatre since 2017. She has been in A Christmas Carol (twice), All Together Now!, Matilda Jr, Frozen Jr, and Elf: The Musical. She is part of the RCT Youth Troupe and Youth Council and participates in Drama Club and Voice lessons with Ms.Tami Alexander. She loves to sing and has taken dance from LG for over 4 years. She is excited to work behind the scenes for Alice in Wonderland and hopes everyone appreciates the work of the puppeteers. And remember....We're All Mad Here!

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