The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

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Friday, December 1, 7pm, Sunday, December 3, 2pm

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Director Thanks 

It has been an amazing journey directing this show! The story of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is one of hope and promise. My prayer is that the message of this show will inspire you to be a blessing to someone during this season! 

Special thanks to the following people...

Thank you to the cast and crew! You have done an amazing job putting this show together and I can't wait for the audiences to see your amazing work. Love you all! Thank you to Karen Pittman for your work as our costumer. Fabulous job as always! Thank you to Mark Graham for your work on our set! It looks fantastic!

Thank you to Monika Locke for your work as production stage manager! Awesome job! Thank you to Dee Alexander for your incredible work on the music for our show. I love you!

Thank you to Lainey Roberts for your lighting design!

Thank you to Johnathan Baines for your work on publicity for the show. Fantastic work! Thank you to John Lockwood, Emma Alexander, Chloë Alexander, Marty Cantrell and Greg Pittman for your help with our set as well! We appreciate you. 

Thank you to each of you that brought non-perishable items for our food Drive for CCA. What a blessing this will be to those in need! 

Merry Christmas! 

Tami L. Alexander Director 

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Cast Members


Johnathan Baines, Bob Bradley (Father)

Johnathan Baines returns to reprise the role of Bob Bradley which was his debut role with RCT nine years ago. A physician by day, he enjoys the performing arts in his often limited free time. He especially loves sharing the stage with his three children, Elena, Caed, and Jace. This is the first show to feature the four of them on stage together. 


Nicole Walker, Grace Bradley (Mother)

Nicole is married to Craig, and they have 3 children: Landon, Carson, and Anniston, who are also in the show. Nicole grew up loving live theater, but she hasn't acted on stage since high school. Returning to the stage for this show is extra special because she gets to share it with her children. Nicole hopes this show helps you think about the true meaning of Christmas. 


Ava Good, Beth Bradley

Ava is excited to play the role of Beth, the older sister in a family of four– a role she has been perfecting at home for the past 12 years.  This is Ava’s 5th show with RCT, most recently playing the role of storyteller/dancing rat/Dulocian in Shrek Jr.  When she’s not on stage, she enjoys drama club, volleyball, and dance.


Luke Forbes, Charlie Bradley

Luke is a fun loving 6th grader who enjoys painting, reading, and playing games with his family. Luke is so pumped to be playing Charlie Bradley! This is his second RCT show after being a card soldier in Alice in Wonderland. Fun fact: Luke loves Christmas and wishes he could fill his yard with inflatable decor! Luke thanks his parents and family for all their support.


Jude Hanchey, Ralph Herdman

Jude is a 14 year old 9th grader at Ruston High School. He enjoys leading worship in the youth band at church, art, and photography. He is a member of the RCT Youth Council. This is his 5th production with RCT and says his most unique role was playing the Frog Footman in Alice in Wonderland. He hopes this show helps you experience the true meaning of Christmas. 


Charlotte Hanchey, Imogene Herdman

Charlotte Hanchey is a 10 year old 5th grader at A.E. Phillips. This is her 5th show with RCT, including Matilda Jr., Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella. Her role as Imogene Herdman is her favorite role yet. Some of her hobbies include volleyball, tennis, theatre, and spending time with her friends. She hopes you have a merry Christmas! 


Caed Baines, Leroy Herdman

Caed is relishing playing a bully in this show especially since it includes hazing his real-life little brother Jace.  Previously homeschool, he is now halfway through his Freshman year at Ruston High. He has appeared in numerous shows, but his most recent roles include The Mock Turtle in Alice in Wonderland, Young Ebenezzer in A Christmas Carol, and Jojo in Suesisical. 


Andrew King, Claude Herdman

Andrew Christopher King is the son of John and Angela King and brother to James and Gloria. While this is his first performance with RCT, Andrew regularly entertains informal audiences at home, church, and school with his quick wit and deadpan delivery.


John Kelly Crittenden, Ollie Herdman

John Kelly is a homeschool student and member of Act Up Theatre Drama Club.  A big fan of the book The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, he has really enjoyed playing the part of Ollie Herdman.  This is his first role in an RCT production.  


Esther Allen, Gladys Herdman

This will be Esther's 2nd performance with RCT. Her previous role included The Little Queen in Alice in Wonderland for which she won 2 RusTony's for Most Emotive & Best Newcomer. She's in 3rd grade at Cedar Creek school. She enjoys participating in PeeWee cheer, taking voice lessons & piano. She's most looking forward to sharing the stage with her dad in this performance!


Harper Pilgreen, Alice Wendleken

Harper is excited to be in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and is a fan of the book also. She is in 5th grade and a cheerleader at Ruston Elementary. Harper was most recently seen as Goldilocks (of the Fairy Tale Creature ensemble) in Shrek the Musical, Jr, and she was also a Flower Girl in Alice in Wonderland, Jr. She would like to thank her family for supporting her.


Isabelle St. Amant, Mrs. Clausing

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever will be Isabelle's fourth production with RCT. She hopes you enjoy the show!


Adrienne Scallan, Mrs. Slocum

Adrienne is a homeschooled sophomore.  She has been involved in several previous RCT productions including Anne of Green Gables, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland Jr.  When she's not at the theater, you can find her reading, baking, or cheering on her sisters at cross country.


Elena Baines, Mrs. Clark

Elena Baines is a sophomore at Ruston High and has been involved with RCT for 10 years.  One of her first roles was that of Shirley in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. She also volunteers at the Owl Center stables and is a skilled pianist. Her other previous roles include The Duchess in Alice in Wonderland, and Gertrude McFuzz in Suessical the Musical, Jr.


Emma Alexander, Mrs. McCarthy

Emma Alexander is the daughter of Dee and Tami Alexander. She is 22 years old and has two siblings, an older brother, named Jonathan and a younger sister Chloe. Emma is a senior biology major here at Louisiana Tech University and she will be graduating in the Spring 2024. Emma loves reading, knitting, crocheting, gaming, and wreath making! She wishes you a Merry Christmas!


Alice Roberts, Maxine

Alice is a fifth grader at Ruston Elementary who has also been Baby Bear in "Shrek Jr" and in the ensemble in "Matilda Jr." She served as a Fleur de Lis princess for Miss Louisiana Tech Chanley Patterson and qualified for state this year on her school cross country team. She loves reading, piano, theater, and art.


William Cox, Elmer Hopkins

William is a 15 year old homeschooler. He loves playing guitar, reading, and working out with his dad. He recently appeared as the Gryphon in RCT's production of Alice in Wonderland and Felix Latrousse in Good Cop, Bad Cop for RCT's Scene Fest. He is happy to appear on stage with his sister, Avery, and his friends.


Jace Baines, Hobie

Jace Baines returns for his second show after his start as a Heart Child in Alice in Wonderland. He is homeschooled with Classical Conversations and enjoys Legend of Zelda, Legos, Minecraft, wearing pajamas, and anything arts-and-crafts. 


Mary Brooks Wheelus, Beverly

Mary Brooks is 9 years old and is in 4th grade at Cypress Springs Elementary. Her extracurricular activities at school include 4-H, Pep Squad, and Student Council, where she serves as 4th grade Class Secretary. Her favorite subject in school is Math and she loves art! "Best Christmas Pageant Ever" is her first RCT show. 


Avery Cox, Shirley

Avery Cox is a homeschooled seventh grader who enjoys playing piano and reading. This is Avery's fourth RCT production, and she most recently appeared as Young Alice in RCT's Alice in Wonderland. Avery is very excited to see one of her favorite Christmas stories come to life on the stage.


Olivia Good, Juanita

Olivia is thrilled to bring the character Juanita to life on stage.  This is Olivia’s 5th production with RCT.  She was a proud recipient of a Rustony last season for her role as flower girl in Alice in Wonderland. Olivia enjoys drama club, dance, and playing softball.  She hopes the show will bring you lots of laughs and a warm reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.


Gabe Garcia, Fireman

Gabe Garcia is a junior at Cedar Creek School. This is his 7th RCT production. His most recent roles are Shrek, Shrek Jr, RCT; Luke, Lightning Thief, Louisiana Tech; Topher, Cinderella, SYAA. He hopes you enjoy the show and have a Merry Christmas! 

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Grayson Allen, Fireman

Grayson is thankful for the opportunity to share the stage with his daughter, Esther, and so many of his friends. Although this is technically his RCT debut, many were impressed by his rendition of Big Head recently in Sanders Family Christmas.

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Evelyn Carter, Baby Angel

Evelyn is a second grader at Choudrant Elementary school.  This is her first RCT production and she is super excited to be a part of the production!  She hopes you enjoy the show and have a Merry Christmas!  

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Allie Jo Martin, Baby Angels

Allie Jo is six years old and is a first grade student at  Choudrant Elementary.  She started attending several of RCT plays with her friends and family as just a youngster. On June 21, 2018, at only 10 months old, she watched her first of many RCT productions, which was The Little Mermaid. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is her first production  to play a cast member. 

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Rylie Ann Martin, Baby Angel

Rylie Ann is a third grade student at Choudrant Elementary. She started piano lessons at just six years old and has been taking voice for a year and a half. She enjoys singing and playing piano at her church.  She has attended several of RCT productions over the years since 2018.  The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is her first production to play a cast member. 

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Penny Roberts, Baby Angel

Penny is a second grader at Hillcrest Elementary, and this is her first production with RCT. She has enjoyed being in this play with her big sister and her friends. Penny ran on her school cross country team this year and also enjoys art, piano, theater, and gymnastics. 

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Chelsea DeForest, Ensemble

Chelsea is ready to be back on stage!  She is a 7th grader at AE Phillips.  When not in a play she enjoys playing soccer, voice lessons and hip hop.  Other roles she has played are Little Kid in Matilda, Snow and Sun ensemble in Frozen, Jr, a heart child in Alice and a multitude of roles in Shrek, Jr.

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Lindsay Holmes, Ensemble

Lindsay Holmes is a citizen of Ruston who works as an accountant by day, but do not let that make you doubt her creative side! She played numerous roles in high school theatre through the Bossier Talented Arts Program, such as Ella Enchanted, CLUE, and The Importance of Being Earnest. This is her first RCT production.

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Emma Houston, Ensemble

Emma is a thirteen-year-old homeschool student. She has lived overseas for most of her life. She likes to do art, read, and play games with her family. This is her first play. She is super excited about her role and hopes that you enjoy the show. 

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Avery Madden, Ensemble

Avery is a 15 year old sophomore at Ruston High, where she helps out on the Bearcat Nation Network media team. This is her 4th show with RCT. You may have seen her in her most recent (and favorite!) show as Ruby Gillis in Anne of Green Gables. She's so glad you came and hopes you enjoy the show!

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Leah Sloan, Ensemble

Leah Sloan is appearing on the RCT stage for the first time. She is the mother of Evan Sloan, who plays David.

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Hailey Roberts, Ensemble

Hailey Roberts is 12 years old and is the daughter of Zac and Stephanie Roberts. She has participated in 2 productions: Alice in Wonderland and Matilda jr. Her favorite part of doing the shows is the friends she has met and grown closer to through them. She hopes you enjoy the show and wishes you a Merry Christmas! 

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Jessie Roberts, Ensemble

Jessie is 10 years old and is the daughter of Zac and Stephanie Roberts. She has participated in 2 shows: Alice in wonderland, and Matilda jr. Her favorite aspect of theatre is the community. She loves putting on the productions with her friends! She wishes you a very Merry Christmas! 

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James Smith, Ensemble

James Smith is a 9-year-old homeschool student with Classical Conversations. He is enjoying his role as a shepherd almost as much as playing a gardener in Alice in Wonderland. In his spare time he creates with legos, listens to audiobooks, and  likes anything related airsoft.  He hopes enjoy this play as much as he enjoyed listening the book.

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Olivia Smith, Ensemble

Olivia Smith is a 12-year-old homeschool student who has enjoyed becoming more involved with theater. Including Matilda and Alice in Wonderland, this is the third production she has been involved in. When she is not on stage, she likes to ride horses, read and knit.  


Levi Stephenson, Ensemble

Levi began performing with RCT in 2019 and this will be his 12th time on stage. Most recently, he played a knight in Cinderella, TweedleDee in Alice in Wonderland, and Michael in Elf. Levi is a 7th grader at RJHS where he is a member of the soccer team. 

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Vivi Ann Frederick, Ensemble

Vivi Ann Frederick is eight years old and a third grade French Immersion student at Ruston Elementary. Vivi Ann is very passionate about cats, singing, acting, art, and gaming. She is a member of the Act Up Theater Drama Club and swims year round for Bulldog Aquatics Club. 



Tami Alexander, Director

Tami Lockwood Alexander is from Xenia, Ohio. Tami has an MA in Speech with a Theatre Concentration. Tami is married to Dee Alexander. Tami and Dee have three children- Johnathan, Emma, and Chloë. Over the last 30 years, Tami has enjoyed her work on stage and screen as an actor.

Tami has led acting workshops and directs plays and musicals for RCT. Tami recently directed The Lightning Thief at Louisiana Tech University. Tami is also the director of ACT UP Theatre Drama Club and Camp for young actors. Tami is passionate about her work with students of theatre and enjoys encouraging them to reach their maximum potential. 


Monika Locke, Stage Manager

Monika Locke has been a local educator for 22 years. She has been a stage manager for Ruston Community Theatre for 7 years. Past credits include Anne of Green Gables, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland

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Lainey Roberts, Assistant stage manager

Lainey Roberts is a senior in high school. She has participated in 15 shows since the fall of 2021 and has loved every one! Her favorite ways to participate in the shows are to stage manage and do lightning design. She is so grateful for this community and loves getting to work with so many wonderful people! Lainey wishes you a very Merry Christmas! 

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals on behalf of Samuel French, Inc.

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