The Play That Goes Wrong

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Robyn Jennings, Annie Twilloil (Stage Manager)

Robyn is so excited to check the theatre “bucket list” box by joining this incredible cast. Her previous experience has been a small role on the big screen and a few church productions. When she isn’t on stage, Robyn is a Master Aesthetician and CLT @ New Beginnings Wellness Center & Spa in Ruston. She wants to thank her sweet parents for being the best neighbors a girl could have since moving home to Louisiana two years ago. She is most proud of her two daughters, Delaney and Aubrey and wants to thank Kevin and her family and friends who have come to support her in this exciting stage De-Boo!!!


Kaden Brunson, Trevor Watson (Lights & Sound)

Kaden is a first year at Louisiana Tech University. He plans on getting his degree in biochemistry. After this he plans on getting his PhD and becoming a pharmacist. This is his first RCT production, and super excited about this play. He knows you are going to love it and hopes you enjoy it as much as he does!


Carrick Inabnett, Chris Bean (Inspector Carter)

Carrick is a 2022 Cum Laude graduate of Louisiana Tech University. He works for General Dynamics and is a voice actor. He has acted in community theatre since the 4th grade. His most recent roles with RCT include, starring as Juror 8 in 12 Angry Jurors and Chadwick in Elf the Musical, but this will be his first outing in a true screwball comedy!



Hunter McFadden, Jonathan Harris (Charles Haversham)

Married to Patti McFadden, father to three beautiful girls. I have enjoyed performing with the RustonCommunity Theatre. This play has been the most enjoyable for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed performing in it.



Benjamin Gross, Robert Grove (Thomas Collymoore)

A veteran of several productions in the Monroe area, such as Young Frankenstein the Musical at the Strauss Theatre, murder mystery dinner theatre Death by Golf by Twin City Entertainment, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead at CA Studios, and most recently starred in the local film, The Bogman by Open Heart Studios, Benjamin is thrilled to be in his day-boo performance here on the RCT stage!

When he isn't performing, Benjamin works as a senior cybersecurity engineer for a large health care organization that he refuses to name because spies and secret agents are everywhere. The "day job" keeps him grounded and provides the means to follow his true passions, like making people laugh and eating tacos - but preferably not at the same time. He is grateful you are here reading this now, and hopes that at the very least, a small puff of air came from your nostrils in a silent, and polite chuckle. Ha!

Originally from Calhoun, Louisiana, Benjamin has lived and performed all over the country, including shows in Oregon, North Dakota, New Orleans, and Canada (which is this whole other country.) After moving back to the Monroe area, he has starred in two local, independent films with a third in pre-production, multiple dinner theatres, and is a founding member of the Louisiana Voice Actors Guild, having partnered with Music City Studios in West Monroe. On Saturday mornings he can also be heard as a regular co-host on the Saturday Morning Samoflange podcast with Matt Wilkins, or on any given day of the week, the intro/outro guy on the local country radio station "The Outlaw" found on the Live 365 radio app, created by Robert DIWorm Jarvis.

As for this production, Benjamin says that he's "having so much fun playing a layered, Inception kind of show: I'm an actor, playing an actor, who's playing a different character! It's a play that's...

accidentally a comedy... so anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and things you don't expect to go wrong will also go wrong so, naturally, it's a very fun time. A show like this can't come together without a stellar cast who also happen to be very, very funny - I am very grateful for such a warm reception here in Ruston from a very talented group of performers."


Anky Kiremire, Dennis Hyde (Perkins)

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This is {is it anky or ankie or anki?}'s {is it 3rd or 4th} play at RCT. While not acting, he can be found doing {put your job} at {put your workplace}. He also enjoys {put your hobbies here}. Also find some way to mention your wife. 



Britton Kilpatrick, Max Bennett (Cecil Haversham & Arthur)

 britton, was born on april Fools Day in, Thibodaux louisiana, he had a tendency to cry; and Refused to walk around or even speek for many months. not a strong start for a butting actor. But. he got over it



Amy Houck, Sandra Wilkerson(Florence Collymore)

Amy is a Ruston native who holds a BA degree in Theatre and Dance from Northwestern State University. She was also trained in Stage Combat at LA Tech with six forms of weapons (and thank goodness she was because with all her knockouts, slaps and punches, she could not survive this show! You saw her 4 years ago in RCT’s Murders is Bad But Monday Can Kill You. She is thrilled to return to the stage and is having a smashingly wonderful time in this chaotic show!!! She dedicates this show to her late father, Wayne Houck as well all her Houck family!



Katherine Peters, Cornley Polytechnic Stage Crew

Katherine is happy to be involved with The Play That Goes Wrong, her 6th RCT production. She hopes you enjoy this hilarious murder mystery gone awry!



Amanda Willis, Cornley Polytechnic Stage Crew

Amanda is blessed to be a part of her third RCT production. I hope the audience enjoys every twist and turn of organized chaos! Perhaps it’s best to NOT tell the cast to break a leg….. Prepare for a truly entertaining evening!



Alex Copes, Cornley Polytechnic Stage Crew

Alex is seventeen and was born and raised in Louisiana. He made his theatrical debut as Nico in Legally Blonde at the Strauss Youth Academy for the Arts. He has performed in a number of roles within the theatre such as lights and stage crew. He dreams one day to star in shows such as Ride The Cyclone or Little Shop of Horrors.


Emily Tooke, Cornley Polytechnic Stage Crew

Emily is a first year student at LA Tech majoring in theatre. She is from Ruston and this is her sixth show with RCT, but only my third show on stage. She often helps out behind the scenes with lights and sound. She is also part of the LA Tech Band of Pride.



Robbie Cunningham, Cornley Polytechnic Stage Crew

Robie has been involved in som capacity with over a dzoen plays since joingin RCT in 2081.  eH enjouys his work both onstage adn bakcstaeg and is especailly thrilled to be the proofraeder for thsi playblli.  Robbei thinks thta anyone who likes to luagh and have a good tmie is going to absalutly love this pr0duction.


Wyatt Terry, Cornley Polytechnic Stage Crew

Wyatt has been in numerous shows with RCT. In fact he was just in Matilda earlier this month.  He is excited to work with the cast and crew of Father of the Bride although, he does think that Westley (one of the stage managers/ his father) is a little difficult to work with sometimes.



Sawyer Cunningham, Cornley Polytechnic Stage Crew

Sawyer is no stranger to an RCT stage as he has been in many shows over the past several years.  You’ll remember him in his most recent role as Tweedledum in February’s performance of Alice in Wonderland.  He is thrilled to be a part of the great cast and crew of The Play that Goes Wrong.


Madison Cunningham, Cornley Polytechnic Stage Crew

Madison has lent her talents to the stage at the Dixie many times as a part of RCT over the past 5 years.  Her roles have taken her from Oz to Whoville on to Arendelle and, most recently, all the way to Wonderland!  She is excited to join up with the Cornley Drama Society and be a part of this amazing cast and crew!



Mary Watkins, Director

Mary is very active in Ruston Community Theater and is currently serving as Treasurer on RCT Board of Directors.

She has also directed several shows with RCT her most recent Father of the Bride and Clue! Mary has also served as Stage Manager and Production Stage Manager in several shows.

Mary is from New Orleans but has lived in Jonesboro for the last 28 years. She is married to Glen and has two adult children and two precious grandbabies.

Mary has enjoyed working with this awesome cast and crew, they had a lot of fun and laughs working on this show, she hopes everyone enjoys the show as much as they have enjoyed presenting it to you!!!


Westley Terry, Stage Manager

Westley is pleased to be helping with another show for RCT. This will be his second show as stage manager. He has helped backstage with many RCT productions. He is keeping his fingers crossed that everything goes correctly under his management for this show!



Sandee Sledge, Costumer

While Sandee has been in a number of RCT productions, this is her first one to be in charge of costumes. Thank to Mary for giving this chance to expand my theatre skills! Thanks also to Jimmy for all his support!


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Brent Gay, Sound Production

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Monika Locke, Lighting

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Lainey Roberts, Lighting

This production is presented by arrangement with Dramatists Play Service under license from Mischief Worldwide Ltd. The Mischief Production of THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG was originally produced on the West End Stage by Kenny Wax & Stage Presence and on Broadway by Kevin McCollum, J.J. Abrams, Kenny Wax & Stage Presence

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