Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Tickets

  1. How to I purchase a ticket for a show?

    REMEMBER: Season members may redeem three weeks prior to the opening show. Tickets go on sale to the public two weeks prior to the opening show. 

    • Go to on your web browser. (For best experience, use Google Chrome)
    • Click the "Buy Tickets" button in the center of the page. 
    • Click "Buy Tickets" next to the show information, then choose a performance date. 
    • The next screen displays the seating chart. Please note the stage is positioned toward the top of the screen and the balcony is in the bottom half. 
    • Click a vacant seat and choose “Adult" or “Student” for each seat.
    • Once you have selected your seats, click the “Confirm Seats” button in the upper right corner. This will take you to the payment screen. You may check out as a guest or create an account.
    • You may check out as a guest, but it is recommended to log in using the email account to which your season pass was issued to utilize your season passcode or any built-in discounts. 
    • On the Check-out screen members may apply their passcode to redeem season passes.
    • Review your order and enter credit card information if purchasing. 
  2. Can I exchange my seats for a different night?

    You can exchange your seats up to 24 hours before your original show time, provided there are remaining shows and seats available. 

    • Go to your ticket confirmation email. Underneath the To print your ticket, click here is an additional link that says To exchange your tickets, click here. Click the link, and follow the instructions. 
    • A new email with a new ticket code will be emailed to you. 
    • No email confirmation? With your ticket code, you can go to the following link to exchange:
  3. Can I get a refund for my tickets if I'm unable to go at all?

    We do not give refunds for tickets. If you are unable to attend, you may: 

    • Sell or share your tickets with friends or family. Simply forward your email confirmation with ticket barcodes for their use. 
    • Unused tickets can also be donated back to RCT. Simply, forward your confirmation e-mail to with your intent to donate those tickets. 
  4. When I got to the check-out screen, why do I get an error message.

    This message appears when a non-member attempts to purchase tickets before the public tickets sales are active two weeks prior to the show. If you are a passholder trying to redeem tickets early, try using the account of the patron who purchased the pass. If still having issues, please call the box office (318) 595-0872.

New Season Membership Plan

  1. Is there a minimum number to buy to acquire the benefits at any particular tier?

    No. Buying at least one membership at any tier will confer those benefits. However, please note that discounts will be determined by the highest tier purchased and will not stack. 

  2. Can you combine memberships at different tiers?

    Yes, as long as you purchase one membership in a higher tier you will get the benefits of that tier. For example, you may purchase one Patron Level pass and may also purchase additional Basic membership passes to have more season tickets at a great price.

    However, certain benefits are determined by the number of memberships purchased in the highest tier. There is no additional benefit to combining a Patron and Elite Patron memberships. The system will apply the higher Elite discounts and ignore the Patron discounts.

  3. Can you combine memberships at the same tier, for example Patron and Patron+ memberships?

    Yes. As long as you purchase one of your memberships as a + upgrade, you will get the discounted tickets applied to the junior shows as well.

    Your membership level will be determined by the combined number of memberships purchased at that tier. For example, if you were to purchase two Patron memberships, and two Patron+ memberships, you would be considered a Bronze Patron because you purchased a total of four Patron memberships.

  4. How do I utilize my discounted tickets?

    The discounted tickets are built into your patron account. And will automatically be applied at check-out provided you are logged on as the patron who purchased the membership. If you are checking out as a guest, or under a different patron account, the discount will not apply.

  5. Can I accrue more discounts by buying more memberships at a certain tier?

    No. The discounted tickets do not accrue with the number of memberships. But, buying more memberships at a given tier will increase the membership level as listed in the Playbill and provide more invitations to special members only events, up to the specified cap for each tier.

  6. Will the built-in discounts work for adult and student tickets?

    Yes. However, it is recommended to check out your student tickets in a separate order to make sure those discounts are utilized. The system will always attempt to discount adult tickets first even if they have already been redeemed by the membership pass if you noticed that your student tickets are full price and should be discounted, remove them from your shopping cart and check out with your adults tickets only, then, go back in and purchase your student tickets separately


  1. What are the benefits of being a member?
    • All memberships include a season pass for the shows and a vote in the Annual RusTony Awards.
    • Some levels of season membership also include: Early Seat Reservation, Recognition in the Playbill, and discounts on additional tickets.Savings on tickets for each show
  2. How do I become a member?

    Purchase a season pass in one of the following ways: 

    • Online - Go to: to shop membership and pass option.
    • By mail - Print off the Season Membership form from the website and mail it to:
      P.O. Box 456
      Ruston, LA 71273.
    • By phone - Call (318) 595-0872 to purchase over the phone.

    Note: Memberships sales end after the first show of the season.

  3. How to I redeem a season pass?

    REMEMBER: You will need a computer, or mobile device with internet access, and you can only redeem three weeks prior to the opening of the show.

    • Click the Buy Tickets button on 
    • Choose your performance then your seats, noting whether an adult or student. Note: The stage is depicted at the top of the screen, and the balcony at the bottom. 
    • It is recommended to log on using the email account to which the season membership was issued to redeem passcodes and utilize any built-in discounts. 
    • At checkout, enter your passcode(s). Note: There will be a seperate passcode for adult passes and student add-on passes. 
    • You may purchase additional tickets as well. You will only be charged for the tickets beyond your number of passes. 
  4. What if I don't have access to a computer?
    • Call the box office number at: (318) 595-0872 leave a message, and our administrator will contact you.  
    • You can also redeem tickets at the door but seating could be limited.
  5. Can an adult season pass be used on student tickets?

    Yes. However, a student pass can only be used on student tickets.

Arriving at the Show

  1. When do the doors open?

    The lobby and box office is open an hour prior to show time, and the doors to the auditorium will open 30 minutes prior to show time. You are welcome to wait in the lobby prior to the auditorium opening. 

  2. Where should I park?

    Parking can be found across the street, by the T.L. James building and additional parking can be found across Vienna St (across from B1 Bank) or street parking downtown.  Depending on time of the year and other downtown activities, parking could be limited. Please factor parking and walking time in your decision of when to arrive.

  3. What do I need to bring to the show?
    • Open your email purchase confirmation. 
    • Under your seat numbers, click the link that says: To print your tickets click here. You should see barcodes for each Ticket purchased. 
  4. I forgot to print/bring my ticket, what should I do?

    You can check-in by name at the box office table. 

  5. How will I find my seat?

    There will be ushers stationed at each door to the auditorium who will help you find your seat. A ticket seat number might look something like this:


    The first letter represents the floor: O for Orchestra (ground) floor, and B for Balcony. The second letter represents the section A, B, or C, are listed from  right to left. The third letter is the row, and the number is the seat number.

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